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In the heart of Egypt, a technological revolution was brewing that would reshape the landscape of connectivity. The visionary company Qoudra, born in 2009, introduced the first Mesh network over Bluetooth 2.0, paving the way for a new era of interconnected devices. As the world grappled with the Internet of Things, Qoudra was already delivering solutions, setting the stage for their journey to become HEXio Technologies, a global leader in the realm of smart, interconnected devices.

It all Started in 2009.

In the heart of Egypt, amidst the bustling streets and ancient pyramids, a technological revolution was brewing


The First Bluetooth mesh network

our visionary company, Qoudra, was born, destined to reshape the landscape of connectivity. We introduced the first Mesh network over Bluetooth 2.0, a groundbreaking innovation that would pave the way for a new era of interconnected devices.


IoT, Before it was commonly Named IoT

As the world was still grappling with the concept of the Internet of Things (IoT), we were already delivering IoT solutions since 2010. We ingeniously termed it “Connected Low Power Embedded Systems,” a precursor to the IoT terminology that would later become ubiquitous.


Collaboration With Nokia

In a collaborative venture with Nokia in 2011, we developed an innovative indoor location-based service engine. This partnership bore fruit in 2011 with the introduction of our first hardware – a Bluetooth 2.0 gateway that revolutionized advertising in malls through our mobile apps.


Mirsaad, a Renewable Energy Product

marked a significant milestone for us with the launch of our first renewable energy product, Mirsaad. It was the first IoT-enabled street light pole in the region, illuminating the path towards sustainable energy solutions.

It’s Working, But We Need To Scale.


Renewable Energy as Home Appliance

we adapted Mirsaad into a B2C version to address the electricity instability plaguing many regions in Egypt. The product was a resounding success, cementing our reputation as pioneers in the industry.


Era of Scale and awards!

By 2014/2015, Mirsaad had gained substantial market traction and accolades, becoming an award-winning solution. This success propelled us into the realm of Bluetooth Ultra low power products in 2016, which quickly gained popularity in regional markets such as Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates.


We Got Recognized!

we encountered Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, The Co-Inventor of WiFI,4G. who recognized the potential of our Bluetooth Technology, including The Mesh network and the smart Quad. This endorsement further solidified our position in the tech world.


Landing In Malaysia!

we embarked on an expansion journey to the Far East, setting our sights on Malaysia. This move was a testament to our growing influence and ambition. we boot-strapped our first company in Malaysia.

New Market, New Challenges


Bluetooth In Retail!

In 2018, we revolutionized the retail market by introducing behavioral targeted advertising using Bluetooth Technology. By leveraging Bluetooth beacons in retail environments, we gathered data on consumer behavior and preferences. This enabled us to create personalized advertising campaigns, offering consumers products and promotions that matched their interests, thereby enhancing the shopping experience and increasing engagement.


Full Relocation / Rebranding to HEXio

The year 2019 marked a new chapter for us as we relocated to Malaysia and rebranded as HEXio Technologies. With this fresh start, we launched our first IoT product for railways, signaling our entry into the transportation sector.


blupulse, The Arduino Of Bluetooth

In 2021, we expanded our technological repertoire by introducing blupulse, an Arduino hardware kit designed for Bluetooth applications. This addition to our product lineup allowed hobbyists, educators, and developers to easily integrate Bluetooth technology into their projects, fostering innovation and creativity in the field of wireless communication.


GENai + IoT Revolution

HEXio made a groundbreaking leap with the introduction of AIoT Agents, a concept that seamlessly blended IoT with GenAI, ushering in a new era of intelligent, interconnected devices.

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