Hall of fame

Dr.Hoda Hasan

In 2016, Qoudra/HEXio welcomed a remarkable talent into their fold, Dr. Hoda, who took the helm of the wireless technologies research process. Her arrival marked a turning point in the company’s approach to innovation. Dr. Hoda’s work was nothing short of astonishing, as she steered the research in a direction that was not only academically sound but also immensely useful in the industrial realm. She possessed a unique ability to wield her tools with precision, laying a robust foundation for research and development within the company. Her methodologies and insights were so impactful that they continue to be followed and revered within Qoudra/HEXio to this day. While Dr. Hoda has since returned to the academic world, joining the esteemed ranks of George Mason University, her legacy at Qoudra/HEXio remains indelible. Her contributions have left an enduring imprint on the company, shaping its approach to wireless technology research and setting a high standard for future endeavors.