Ultra Low Power Sensing Can

Without changing the battery for at least 2 years.

Railway Industry

Locate the train, Collect Train Health, Monitor Escalators in Station

Live Stocks

Store their vaccination and health records on device and on cloud. Get Real-time alarms and preconditions about their health


Collect Soil Conditions, Collect Weatch Conditions and Worker locations and activities on the farm


Collect power consumption, Capture the vibrations of the machines & Work activities.

Up TO Meters
Enhanced Reach

We Work With Bluetooth Since 2009

At HEXio Tech, we specialize in cutting-edge Ultra Low Power (ULP) sensing and Bluetooth technologies designed to revolutionize the way devices communicate and interact in a wireless world. Our solutions are engineered to provide reliable connectivity while minimizing energy consumption, ensuring your devices stay connected longer and perform better.

Extended Battery Life: Our ULP sensing technology significantly reduces power consumption, allowing devices to operate for extended periods without frequent recharging, making them ideal for remote or mobile applications.

Real-Time Monitoring: With our advanced sensing capabilities, devices can continuously monitor and transmit critical data such as temperature, humidity, motion, and more, enabling timely decision-making and responsive actions.

Seamless Connectivity: Our Bluetooth solutions offer robust and seamless wireless connections, facilitating effortless communication between devices, even in challenging environments or over long distances.

Energy-Efficient Data Transmission: Our technology optimizes data transmission rates and power usage, ensuring efficient communication between devices without compromising performance.

Scalable Network Integration: Our solutions are designed to be easily integrated into existing networks, supporting a wide range of applications from simple sensor networks to complex IoT ecosystems.

Enhanced Security: With state-of-the-art encryption and authentication protocols, our ULP sensing and Bluetooth technologies provide secure communication channels, protecting your data from unauthorized access.

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