Hall of fame

Tamer Ahmed

Tamer Ahmed’s tenure at Qoudra/HEXio is a testament to his strategic prowess and visionary leadership. One of his most significant contributions was connecting the company with Dr. Hatim Zaghloul, a move that had a profound impact on the company’s technological advancements and market position. This partnership not only brought invaluable expertise to Qoudra/HEXio but also opened doors to new opportunities and collaborations. Tamer’s role in the company was not just limited to forging high-profile connections. He was instrumental in navigating complex negotiations and securing pivotal deals, including a landmark agreement with the Egyptian government. His efforts also played a crucial role in expanding the company’s presence into the Far East Asian markets, further solidifying Qoudra/HEXio’s global footprint. Despite his departure from Qoudra/HEXio, Tamer’s legacy continues to resonate within the company. He has since embarked on a new journey as the Co-Founder and Opportunity Creator at Ventitude, where he continues to make waves in the industry. However, his impact on Qoudra/HEXio is still deeply appreciated, and his contributions remain a cornerstone of the company’s success story.