Hall of fame

Rafe Azsnal

In the vibrant landscape of Malaysia’s tech scene, a hero emerged, forever altering the course of a company’s journey. In 2018, this figure took the helm at MDEC, leading the startup ecosystem with a vision and determination that was nothing short of inspiring. His name was Rafe, and he quickly became one of the main pillars and shining beacons for the government’s efforts to nurture innovation. Rafe’s deep understanding of the ecosystem and his unwavering commitment to progress made him an invaluable asset. It was his encouragement and decisive actions that played a pivotal role in the company’s decision to relocate to Malaysia. With his guidance, every obstacle that stood in the way of the startup’s relocation was skillfully navigated and overcome. As the end of 2019 approached, Rafe transitioned from his role at MDEC to join Skymind, a move that marked the beginning of a new chapter. However, his impact on the company’s journey was far from over. In 2020, he facilitated a connection between the company and Skymind, a partnership that would prove to be another significant shift in the company’s story. The HEXio team, forever transformed by Rafe’s contributions, remains eternally thankful and grateful for this remarkable individual. His influence continues to resonate, a testament to the power of visionary leadership and the indelible mark it can leave on the world of technology.