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Ultra Low Power Sensing

HEXio Tech offers advanced Ultra Low Power (ULP) sensing and Bluetooth technologies to enhance wireless communication and reduce energy consumption in devices.

AIoT Agents

HEXio Tech is leading the AIoT revolution by combining AI and IoT through GPT technology, transforming device communication and decision-making.

Swarm Intelligence

revolutionizing mobile ad-hoc networks in ultra-low power systems since 2009 with dynamic, self-healing, and energy-efficient solutions.

Technologies for ROI

If the technology doesn’t have ROI, it’s just a hobby.



Our R&D house was founded in 2012 with 25% of the annual company budget. we embrace the research when it’s focused on a problem with a defined ROI



Our team of seasoned professionals brings unmatched expertise to every project, ensuring quality and excellence.



We value collaboration, fostering partnerships and teamwork that result in groundbreaking solutions.